Saturday April 25, 2015
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9am, 10:30am, 12pm, 1:30pm and 3pm


Birds Freak Me Out! Are you terrified by things with feathers? Do you shriek and yell when birds fly by your windows or past your head? If so, then join us as we explore your avian fears and bring you up close and personal with live birds and bird specimens.

Birding Boat Tours Enjoy a guided pontoon boat ride on the Clearfork Reservoir. Your pilot will glide along the coastline looking for waterfowl and nesting eagles. Tickets are $10 each and may be purchased in advance at OBS. Seating is limited to 9 per boat.

Bird Walk Tim Leslie, President of the Greater Mohican Audubon Society. About 77 species of birds have been spotted in Byers Woods and fields, home of the Bobolink Festival each June.

Gorman Nature Center


Ohio Bird Sanctuary


Byers Woods










Udder Nonsense 5K Walk/Waddle/Run Family friendly event! Entrance fee includes "Udder Nonsense" t-shirt for those who pre-register. Food available. $20 entrance fee.





Curious Critters. Explore the amazing, up-close worlds of common North American animals with award-winning photographer and writer David Fitzsimmons. Introducing CURIOUS CRITTERS Marine! Following nine national book awards and over 100,000 copies sold of the volumes one and two, CURIOUS CRITTERS Marine features a spectacular spoonbill, a proud puffin, a rare blue lobster, and other stunning photos of Atlantic and Pacific Ocean sea life.


Malabar Farm State Park






Malabar Farm State Park



10am Meet Your Fears Live animal close up encounters. Help get over your fears of snakes, spiders, lizards and more critters - Join Naturalist Eric has he explains and lets you come face to face with and touch some of these feared and misunderstood animals of the wild. Meet at Welcome Center building. Pleasant Hill Lake Park







Prickles, Thistles, Poison & Thorns! Nature is filled with many different kinds of beneficial plants, but even many useful plants possess plainly obvious or hidden defense mechanisms. We will take a hike through the fields and forests to look for plants that can sting, prick, poke or otherwise cause harm. Learn why plants require such things to stay safe and deter predators. We hope that by the end of the walk, you will have learned which plants to avoid in terms of taste and touch.

Live Animal Program Snakes, hike, explore for water critters, make-it-take-it activity.

Gorman Nature Center




Mohican Outdoor School

10:30am More than Morel Mushrooms Learn about hunting and preparing Morel mushrooms and other varieties. Learn how to distinguish the edible mushrooms from the poisonous ones. Julie Powell will share information and tasty samples of prepared recipes as well as lead a foray into the woods (weather permitting).
Byers Woods


Photographing Birds of Prey. A variety of bird of prey species will be displayed in natural settings along the trails. Perfect for up close photographs.

Ohio Bird Sanctuary







Ongoing Activities Nature Crafts for children

Fly-fishing and Fly-tying Demonstration 10am-4pm. Presented by Mohican Fly Fishing Club. Meet at the Covered Bridge river access.

Vultures Myth & Lore Vultures are often feared or despised. Learn how they benefit humans and fellow wildlife and their role around the world in different cultures. Program includes a live vulture.


Byers Woods

Mohican State Park


Ohio Bird Sanctuary



Creepy Crawlies Investigation Presented by the Environmental Education Council of Ohio, Region 6. Investigate worms by conducting experiments. Find out how worms move, react to light, and learn how to tell the head from the tail. Get a closer look with microscopes and hand lenses. Learn about the worm's habitat by making and eating dirt pudding. Main Barn.

Malabar Farm State Park

 12pm-5pm Mill & Cabin Tours. Come see an 1831 operating grist mill in action. Tour the mill and early 1800s log cabins and get a glimpse of what life was like in pioneer times when Ohio was the new Wild Frontier. (a $3 entrance fee for adults over 21, $1 for ages 10-20, and under 10 free.)  Wolf Creek Grist Mill



Nature Oriented Scavenger Hunt. Hike the steepest trail in the Mohican State Park on this 3/4 mile loop trail that follows the ridge above the mill. Relax with your family on the overlook deck and take in the beautiful views. Kids can gather scavenger hunt items along the way and then turn in their  items at the Welcome Center Cabin to earn a prize. After your hike, take advantage of the multitude of free kids nature crafts and activities. (a $3 entrance fee for adults over 21, $1 for ages 10-20, and under 10 free.)


Wolf Creek Grist Mill


 12pm-2pm Web Sights! When you see a fat little jumping spider, are you tormented by arachnophobia or delighted to see the tiny beast's  feats of agility? Whether you are an arachonophobe or a spider lover, this program will provide you with more answers than you ever had questions about these ecologically important and intriguing eight-legged wonders. Gorman Nature Center
 12:30pm Nature's Animals - How Animals Live in the Wild What is true and what is not? Dr. Richard Stoffer, field biologist and retired professor, will present information and insight into the interesting behavior of wildlife.  Byers Woods
 1pm Nature does what? A hike through the Sanctuary's 90 acres of trails to see and learn about the many weird things in nature. Fun for all ages. Ohio Bird Sanctuary


Ohio's Toxic & Poisonous Plants Learn to recognize and avoid some of Ohio's common hazardous plants. Join botanist Homer Elliott to learn some do's and don'ts when encountering common types of hazardous plants including the new Hogweed plant in Ohio. Meet at Welcome Center building. Contact Homer for more information

Pleasant Hill Lake Park

 2pm Curious Critters Professional photographer David Fitzsimmons will share his journey of capturing the images in his children's books and bring the pages to life.

Introducing CURIOUS CRITTERS Marine! Following nine national book awards and over 100,000 copies sold of the volumes one and two, CURIOUS CRITTERS Marine features a spectacular spoonbill, a proud puffin, a rare blue lobster, and other stunning photos of Atlantic and Pacific Ocean sea life.

Ohio Bird Sanctuary



Survival Bracelet Learn basic dos and don’ts in outdoor emergencies. Some basic skills and take our IQ survival test and see if you would survive! Try your hand at making your own survival bracelet to take home. Meet at Welcome Center building. Pleasant Hill Lake Park


Hands on Animals. Join us for our exciting finale to Saturday's Mohican Wildlife Weekend activities! Enjoy the experience of touching, holding, and learning about some of Gorman Nature Center's resident reptiles and amphibians. All of GNC's educational animals are native to the Richland County area. This program is enjoyed by all ages.

Gorman Nature Center
 2pm Geocaching - How to get started Have you been wondering about this relatively young outdoor pastime? Susan Vermilya will present the basics. There are three caches (and the fourth being planned) in the Byers Woods Park. Participants may have guided instruction on finding them.  Byers Woods





"The animals that travel with Jack Hanna". The Columbus Zoo will present a program that will give you the opportunity to learn about the animals that travel with Jack Hanna. Discover where they're from, what they eat, and possibly touch the birds, reptiles, and a variety of mammals. Bring chairs or blankets for the lawn. (a $3 entrance fee for adults over 21, $1 for ages 10-20, and under 10 free.)



Wolf Creek Grist Mill




Bug Eating Yes, it's true. Insects are full of vitamins and protein. The Mohican Naturalist will give you a brief history of edible insects and why insects are becoming more popular on menus today. How about a sample? Don't worry; we'll have the recipe!

Mohican State Park Nature Center/Class A Campground

7pm-10pm Barn Dance. Continuing a Bromfield tradition, Square and Line Dancing with live music and caller. Beginners welcome! Food and refreshments will be available for sale by the Ohio Bird Sanctuary. Main Barn. $1 admission at the door for ages 12 and older.  Malabar Farm State Park


Bird of Prey Show. Enjoy an up close experience with a variety of Ohio's bird species. A 30 minute presentation that is fun and educational. Mohican State Park Lodge/Resort Lobby
 8pm-12am Night Haunt Dare to experience the "normal to the paranormal" while exploring murders, cemeteries, and haunted houses. End the night with hot dogs and s'mores while sharing stories around the campfire. Registration required - $30 per person. 419-892-2784 Malabar Farm State Park



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