April 22-24,2022

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Byers Woods


675 County Road 1754
Ashland, OH 44805

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Byers Woods

Byers Woods is a 185-acre park, in a repurposed landfill, where visitors will find over three miles of well-maintained trails looping through a wide variety of habitats – including forest, grasslands, wetlands, fishing ponds, and more. This site hosts a tremendous diversity of birds and wildlife.

In the middle of Byers Woods are two fenced-in retired 50-acre landfill mounds, which are off-limits to the public until the 30-year EPA closure is completed in 2027. The cold-season grasses on the landfill mounds are a great habitat for birds and deer.

There are 50 acres of hardwood forest, which includes a large variety of native species attractive to wildlife including oaks, maples, hickories, and beech trees. Be sure to visit the massive and majestic swamp white oaks that stand in the heart of the forest.

Thanks to the Ashland County Chapter of Pheasants Forever there are 75 acres of grasslands containing 5 species of prairie grasses and many native wildflowers. These fields are home to jumping mice, prairie voles, dozens of butterfly species, and grassland nesting birds. Most notable of these birds is the endangered bobolink, which lives and nests in the park in large numbers. Because of this, the Mohican Audubon Society (GMAS) holds a well-attended “Bobolinks and Butterflies Festival” every year in June. GMAS has identified 161 different species of birds!

There are 5 fishing ponds in the park. There is no fishing license required, although all fishing is catch-and-release only. These ponds are also especially attractive to dozens of unique and beautiful species of dragonflies – attracting naturalists and photographers.

in 1971, Ashland County bought 180 acres of farmland that became the Ashland County Landfill. This landfill was in service for 26 years. The Ashland County Landfill ceased operation in 1997. The required environmental monitoring and regular maintenance are done on the two fenced-in trash mounds.

Byers Woods was named in honor of the late State Representative Eugene Byers and longtime County Commissioner Marilyn Byers for their service and dedication to Ashland County. In 2004, Ashland County Park District was given a 99-year lease to operate Byers Woods as a county park.

No restroom facilities.


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