April 27-29th, 2018

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Mohican Lodge & Resort


4700 Goon Road
Perrysville, OH 44864

 Mohican Lodge and Resort


We are committed to helping you find your ultimate Mohican experience and we invite you to discover or rediscover, the magic of one of Ohio’s most beautiful and historic state parks.

Our Company philosophy of warm and friendly hospitality began 135 years ago with Fred Harvey, a 19th-century visionary who provided weary travelers on the Santa Fe Railroad with a warm bed and a home-cooked meal. Today, we are the largest park management company in the nation, with operations spanning from Yellowstone to Grand Canyon, and we remain true to the legacy of simple hospitality established by Fred Harvey.

Our name “Xanterra” is derived from “Xanadu,” originated in the poem Kubla Khan by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, who depicts Xanadu as an idyllic and beautiful paradise, and from “terra,” the Latin word for earth. Thus, the name means “beautiful places on earth.”

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Events at this Location

KCs Steak Ribs
Little Brown Inn
The Ohio State Reformatory
Hochstetler Milling

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